City Lights|Last Summer Show (updated)

[A selection of my fav 2010 Soundtracks]

Danny Elfman | Wolf Suite (The Wolfman)
Mychael Danna | Conservatory (Chloe)
Steve Jablonsky | Main Title (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
Christophe Beck | Homecoming (Percy Jackson & The Olympians)
Atli Orvarsson | Anna & Kay (Season of the Witch)
Howard Shore | Edge of Darkness (Edge of Darkness)
Alexandre Desplat | Travel to the Island (The Ghost Writer)
Danny Elfman | Alice's Theme (Alice in Wonderland)
Zacarias de la Riva | Main Titles (Hierro)
Angelo Badalamenti | 44 Inch Chest (44 Inch Chest)
Trevor Rabin | Sorcere's Apprentice (Sorcere's Apprentice)
Trevor Rabin | Story of Veronica (Sorcere's Apprentice)
Johan Soderqvist | End Credit (Earth Made of Glass)
Bruno Coulais | Le Temps des Decouvertes (Oceans)
Scott Glasgow | Duality (Lo)
Emilio Kanderer & Frederico Jusid | In the Cage (The Secret in their Eyes)
Eric Serra | Temps Mort (Adele)
Abel Korzeniowski | Snow (A Single Man)
Abel Korzeniowski | And Just Like That (A Single Man)
Max Richter | On the Nature of Daylight (Shutter Island)
Marcello Zarvos | Remember Me (Remember Me)
Gustavo Santaolalla | Dream of Higher Altitudes (Nanga Parbat)
Gustavo Santaolalla | The Rescue (Nanga Parbat)
Mark Kilian | At Lena's Door (La Mission)
Mark Kilian | Jes Goes Missing (La Mission)
Ilan Eshkeri | Necromancer (Centurion)
Marc Streitenfeld | Walter's Burial (Robin Hood)
Klaus Badelt | Final Interrogation (L' Immortel)
Hans Zimmer | Time (Inception)
Cyrille Aufort | Main Title (Splice)
Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna | Tango Amongst the Lilies (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)
Edward Shearmur | A Waltz for Karen (Mother and Child)
Philip Glass | Closing (Les Regrets)
Conrad Pope | Main Title (In my Sleep)
John Powell | He's a Spy (Knight and Day)
John Powell | In Austria (Knight and Day)
Jeff Danna | Young Noah (The Boondock Saints II)
Jeff Danna | Noah's Vendetta (The Boondock Saints II)
Christian Henson | Lovers (Black Death)
Mark Thomas | Flicka Recovers (Flicka 2)
Shigeru Umebayashi | George's Waltz 2 (A Single Man)

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